{Wendy like Peter Pan and "Zook" sounds like "book"}

First and foremost, I’m Momma to Zack and Addie. Because of Zack, I am a lover of hugs, sloppy kisses and advocacy for Down Syndrome. Because of Addie, I am a lover of coffee, imagination and colors.

I wear ballet flats every chance I get and feel like no outfit is complete without a handful of funky rings. 

I met my husband on a blind date 11 years ago. He bought me my first “serious” camera in the weeks after our son was born. Two years later, a friend needed a last-minute wedding photographer and the adrenaline, creativity and fun I felt in that day led to part-time pursuing of photography opportunities.

After leaving my full-time job in 2013, I began to dedicate time to Wendy Zook Photography. 2014 was about training and learning and reinventing myself and my passion. 2015 was about putting passion and practice into motion and becoming what I dreamed I could be. 2016 was about building an incredible network of vendor friends and trusted professionals. I'm so excited to see what's next in 2017 and beyond. . 

I am an old soul trapped in a young heart. I love classic films and current chick flicks but would rather have the radio on (Van Morrison on Pandora lately) or a book on my lap than see a TV on in the room.

I love it when I capture a story with my photographs. Two people in love strolling through Christmas lights weeks after their engagement. A groom fighting tears as he watches his bride walk towards him. A new business professional finding himself. A woman who feels like a princess for the first time in her life. A woman discovering her sexy side after a boudoir session.

There is excitement and emotion (I’m probably crying behind the camera during your vows) in every session I do and I care about each client like a friend.

I love the idea of #communityovercompetition and cherish the opportunity to meet new creative friends and network with talented artists through my role as leader of the Rochester, NY-area Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together. I've also just recently begun a Gals That Brunch chapter in Rochester for women to meet new friends and explore new breakfast locales. I'm proud to be a featured vendor with Rochester Bride & Groom Magazine. I'm also a frequent guest contributor on Sixth Bloom Photography, a site for tips and information for fellow photographers. 

Aside from my family, photography is what brings me great joy. It’s been a slow journey, but it is a great adventure. And I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

My world -- Zack and Addie and hubby, Scott. 
Photos by WZP, Nicole Starr Photography and Dani T Photography. "Homies" shirts by Reeves Tees.